About Us

Right from the beginning of her career and guided by compassion and very high spiritual values, Dr. Vasa did not charge any child or needy patients. Over the years, this compassion germinated into regular weekly workshops under the auspices of Rajul Vasa Foundation (RVF). Over the years, the selfless work of Dr. Vasa has inspired a group of dedicated volunteers actively supporting the cause.

RVF conducts free motor rehabilitation workshop every Sunday between 10am to 3pm for patients suffering from motor control disorders such as brain stroke, cerebral palsy and spinal injury resulting into paraplegia or tetraplegia.

Dr. Vasa looks at the condition of the patient on video film on Friday / Saturday before seeing the patients on Sunday. She plans the treatment programme with different key exercises for the week ahead and empowers patient and family. They work together relentlessly in protected home atmosphere to work long hours of the day to help self-organized brain to re-reorganize for recovery.

Following Sundays she minutely reviews the results of short term goal planned for individual patient to recognize that his own efforts has paid up when he compares his films before and after starting the treatment with Dr Vasa. Weekly workshop also benefits the family with constant guidance, care and inspiration from Dr. Vasa.

Over the years, a very significant number of patients from all over India and world without any discrimination between rich and poor have received tremendous benefits from Vasa Concept.

Rajul Vasa Foundation is working towards following Goals:

1. Set up a world class Rehabilitation Centre which will provide free of cost rehabilitation to every brain stroke and cerebral palsy patient and bring an end to long standing urge of stroke victims of the world to get true recovery.

2. Set up most modern Research Lab in movement science and motor control in co-operation with international experts in the field for evidence based research to bring India on world map in the field of motor rehabilitation with pioneering path breaking clinical invention in stroke and Cerebral Palsy rehabilitation field by an Indian.

3. Set up post graduate teaching institute to teach doctors and therapists from around the world ‘what not to do’ and ‘what to do’ with stroke and CP children with understanding of underlying mechanisms of why complex symptoms develop and how to prevent it and how to get true recovery of lost control instead of abnormal movements, dystonic movement, and compensatory movement following brain stroke and cerebral palsy.