Dr. Rajul Vasa

rajul-vasaAbout Dr. Rajul Vasa

Dr. Vasa is a physical therapist from Bombay University, G. S. Medical College, King Edward Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, India and completed her postgraduate education from Rehabilitation Klinik Valens and post Graduate Centre Hermitage Bad-Ragaz in Switzerland.


Dr Rajul Vasa realized very early as a physiotherapy student that brain stroke and rehabilitation is a field where the diagnosis and early critical care has advanced with modern science and technology; however, Rehabilitation treatment is still in complete dark state.

Dr. Rajul Vasa was unable to accept the fact that stroke victims had to accept life of dependence to different degrees. Most patients were taught compensatory control instead of true recovery of lost sensory motor control. She realized that the traditional medical techniques did not solve the root cause. She also recognized that the underlying mechanism behind the complex stroke problems is not completely known to the neuroscience.

Dr. Rajul Vasa began introspection and her hunger to find answer to problems of stroke lead to invention of New concept in stroke and cerebral palsy recognized as Vasa Concept.

Dr. Rajul Vasa, now a clinician and research scientist in applied motor control has been internationally acclaimed. She has been teaching VASA CONCEPT in US, Russia, Switzerland Sweden, France, Slovenia, Japan.

Her website www.brainstrokes.com is self-explanatory.

Vasa Concept Workshop in Klinik Velens, Switzerland