Session on Vasa Concept – 16th December 2017, Dadar, Mumbai

.. GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO KNOW VASA CONCEPT..for paralyzed patients.

⚜Put an end to century long Status quo about neurological rehabilitation of stroke, TBI and CP in modern and developed Western World by Indian scientist. ⚜

West is looking at East (India) to learn Vasa Concept.
What is Vasa concept?…….. Restoration of Sensory Motor Control after Stroke, TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), Cerebral Palsy with Applied movement control science pioneered in India.

Session will be conducted by two doctors from Finland who are here to learn Vasa Concept. It is a proud moment for Indians.

Date : 16th December 2017
Time : Evening 4 to 6 pm
Venue : Navneet Jain Health Centre, Dadar

This concept is developed by Dr. Rajul Vasa in India. She teaches to doctors in Europe and Scandinavia.

Who can Participate : Doctors, Physiotherapists, Family Members with Patients and people interested in social cause to end dependency from life of brain injured patients and empower them to become self reliant and independent.

This session is FREE.