World Numbers of Brain Damage


15 million (1.5Cr)
suffer Brain Stroke year on year.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

13 Million
suffer TBI year on year

Cerebral Palsy (CP)

1 Million
Babies suffer from CP year on year.

Total burden to the World Economy is in excesses of USD 165 billion each year just to manage these patients. (Rs.11,05,500Cr)

Every year about 50 million (5Cr) working days are lost only in US.

Rajul Vasa, a Clinical Scientist in applied motor control, has recognized century long, unending problems of brain damage that makes the victim a prisoner of his own body and dependent for life unless ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do’ to the brain and body is explained to the patient and family to bring an end to the vicious circle of complex problems.

Money, Time, Energy, Empowering, Brain, Body

Rajul Vasa recognized that money was a huge constraint for people suffering from brain damage as rehabilitation treatment is a long term treatment. Rajul Vasa removed the constraint by making treatment Free for all, without any discrimination.

Rajul Vasa also recognized that rehabilitation of brain injured adult patients needs training for long hours of each day for weeks and months and sometimes years therefore empowering the adult patient and family is a must.

Rajul Vasa also recognized that brain injured stroke patients go to rehabilitation Centre to get back to premorbid state i.e. to recover fully from paralysis, but….fact is that rehabilitation strategies around the world are to learn to compensate for the paretic body and how to walk and do activities of daily living using good body.

Rajul Vasa recognized that stroke patients from developing nation and from highly developed nation where high tech machines are used for rehabilitation ask the same questions to their doctors , when will I walk like before stroke and when will I be able to use my hand!

Neurologists are experts in diagnosis BUT are not experts in Movement science


Rajul Vasa also recognized that it is very important to change mind set of doctors who are the first point of contact and teach them the truth behind movement recovery and rehabilitation especially when they are experts in diagnosis, and are not movement experts and are happy that patient lives but unfortunately they indirectly suggest the patient to be happy that he is living and accept the life of dependence.

Rajul Vasa recognized that unfortunately patients do not recognize that they need to be equal partners in rehabilitation and not be passive recipient and ‘Rest to Recover’. On the contrary, brain damage patients needs to work very hard with his own brain, own body for his own recovery.

All brain injured can choose the extent of their progress and length of journey on the road to recovery and independence as thousands do under the guidance of expert in Vasa Concept.

Drugs and its role in making brain damaged children to turn special and Divyang

Rajul Vasa recognized that children suffering from brain damage cannot avail treatment unless they are physically brought to the doctor by parents. It is very likely that parents may not bring the child to the doctor for treatment which is very long term, for a period all throughout the growing age, which made Rajul Vasa to treat these children for free from very beginning of her carrier.

Rajul Vasa recognized that parents strongly believe that drug will cure their child, this belief needs to be enlightened. Children sleep most times of the day under the influence of the drugs, are highly detrimental to the growth of highly plastic brain, detrimental to their immune system, detrimental to integration of major physiological systems which makes child to become special and Divyang which can be prevented if, brain and its growth is supported from within.

Future Plans

Mission of RVF is to train many doctors and assistants from around the world to learn all about Vasa Concept and how to handle brain after injury in order to end dependency of millions in the world and to stop future brain injury victims not to lose out on time of their life and living, to fulfill their dreams and that of the nation, from losing human resource.

On 2nd October 2017, on the birth anniversary of our Bapu Mahatma Gandhi, RVF is opening third center in city of Pune in association with Apang kalyan Kendra which will also operate for Free.


We are a Charitable Trust Registered under 80G act of Income Tax.

We welcome all to join the Mission of Rajul Vasa to end the dependency from life of Brain Damage Patients and share their time, health and wealth for victims of brain damage.

Thousands have benefited so far, let us help millions and make India take leadership in motor control rehabilitation post brain injury with training of doctors and training youth in developing skill to assist brain injured for 6 to 8 hours a day.